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“As new personal and corporate clients we are very pleased and encouraged by open, clear and timely communication with Lesley. We met with Lesley and were impressed with how much she listened to our past experiences and current situation and needs. Her insights into handling and navigating various tax scenarios with the objective of optimizing our tax situation is very welcome. With personal needs for our family completed we look forward to attending to our corporate and business needs.”
Neil Dawson

“I have had the privilege of having Lesley do my taxes for several years now. She is very thorough and gets them done in a timely manner. What impresses me is there have been times where I forgot to mention certain areas and she has brought them to my attention remembering or reviewing my previous tax returns. Any time that I have questions about taxes, she has always been there and given me great advice. I would highly recommend Lesley to anyone who is looking for a tax professional.”
Sean Britton

Investment Specialist

“Evolution Accounting makes the painful task of taxes and corporate year ends almost enjoyable! Along with the friendly and informal atmosphere, the experienced and knowledgeable partners go above and beyond for their clients from beginning to end. Whatever type of business or personal needs you or your family may have, I highly recommend Evolution Accounting for it all!”
Sandy Fokkens

Livet Management Services

“When we first planted our vineyard, we knew nothing about the accounting side and were extremely disorganized. Lesley jumped right in to help us gain control of the paperwork. We went from a jumbled shoebox of receipts to an organized QBO program tailored perfectly for our farm operations. I greatly appreciate her calm, kind, and encouraging nature and quick responses to my many questions.”
Jody Atkinson

Drunken Alpaca Vineyards

“Lesley and her team at Evolution Accounting have been completing our personal and business tax returns for 2 years now. What I love the most about Lesley is she is very skilled at answering my many questions and she explains things in a way that a non-accountant can understand! Lesley never makes me feel that my questions are silly. I appreciate this because accounting is not my strength, hence why I need a great accountant! I know Lesley has my best interests at heart and I have confidence that I am in good hands with her and her team. I have referred several people to her, both friends and clients, and the feedback has also been excellent!”
Julia Colvin

Mountain Cleaners Canada

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