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We are taxpayers too, so when you partner with Evolution Accounting, our education, experience, and expertise mean that you benefit from our tax know-how. We confidently navigate the procedures and regulations that gives you peace of mind with your personal tax filing.

With regular changes to the Tax Act, having a CPA from Evolution Accounting as part of your team ensures that you are always on track with your tax requirements. You can rest easy knowing we are on your side. Our personal taxation experts discuss strategies for tax planning and tax deferrals that contribute to your goals and dreams for financial freedom.


Whether you draw a salary, hourly wage, bonus, or other cash incentives from your company, there are many options available to owners for the administration of compensation packages. We align our recommendations to the type of business you are operating, and we examine what works best for you and your business from a holistic and comprehensive point of view.
Employment Expenses
As an entrepreneurial leader, does your employer require you to pay your own expenses? Do you need to travel for work; do you use your personal vehicle for business? Does your role require you to entertain your clients? Do you have advertising or marketing expenses as a result of your work? We find all your pertinent deductible employment expenses and coach you on how to make them demonstrable to Canada Revenue Agency.
Home Office Expenses
Do you enjoy the freedom of working from home? We explore a multitude of avenues that may allow deductions for the professional use of a workspace in your home. When this space is your principal place of business there are many financial benefits to claiming home office expenses. The experts at Evolution Accounting thoroughly evaluate your specific scenario so you can effectively reduce your taxable income while you produce results surrounded by the comforts of home.
Medical Expenses
We are committed to the well-being of your financial reality and the stewardship of your personal health. We know you take good care of yourself and your family, and part of that care sometimes means securing medical support. We can advise what is eligible to claim, and help you keep your medical expense reporting clean and clear so you are getting an enhanced return on your well-being expenses.
Have you contributed to a federal or provincial political party or candidate? Our tax experts at Evolution Accounting can help you get the most from your donation dollars. We help your political gifts work for you long after you’ve impacted another’s success.

Canadians also foster a culture of giving, helping and supporting. It’s not a surprise that the Canadian government provides generous tax credits for your charitable donations. A great strategy is to combine all family donations onto one tax return for maximum benefit. We know the most efficient ways and means to allocate your donations, ensuring you are getting beneficial results on your tax return.

Registered Retirement Savings Plan
A registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) is great tool to save money for retirement in a tax-sheltered plan. The gift that keeps on giving, eligible RRSP contributions can be deducted from your personal income, thus diminishing the overall tax you need to pay. Contribution room is calculated on your employment earnings. The funds remain tax deferred until you withdraw the funds or turn 71, where the balance converts to a Retirement Income Fund (RIF) that is slowly drawn out over time.
Pension Splitting
We understand the requirements needed to take advantage of pension splitting which allows an allocation of pension earnings to the lower earner in a relationship. Spouses and common-law partners save what could be thousands of dollars by lowering the tax bracket of the higher earner. Make the most of your retirement earnings by using the services of Evolution Accounting to maximize your financial freedom and fun!
Disability Tax Credit

Some Canadians face the additional costs and unavoidable expenses that come with living with a disability, there is tax relief in the form of a disability tax credit (DTC). This credit helps persons with disabilities, or in some cases, their support workers reduce tax payable. Evolution Accounting can help you determine your eligibility and shepherd you through the DTC application process.

Are you caring for a dependant who relies on you for daily support and assistance? You may be eligible to claim your dependant on your tax return and get access to a tax reducing credit. Our professional CPA’s at Evolution Accounting guide you through the myriad of considerations that contribute to your potential eligibility.

When your marital status changes there are options available to you when you claim a child as an eligible dependant. This provides significant advantages namely, supplementary deductions and a possible reduction in taxes. We work with the timing and status of your divorce process to maximize gains for you.

Estate Planning

We can help you strategize the best way to distribute your personal and business assets with the most advantageous tax arrangement for all parties involved. For deceased taxpayers, we can prepare the Final T1 Return and discuss the residual assets distributions.

We have access to other planning and legal professionals who can develop clear directives, including a strong and meticulous will to leave a strong legacy in your estate.

Let us support you and your family through this process as we employ compassion and clarity in undertaking the last taxation obligations for deceased taxpayers.

Moving Expenses

If you’ve moved to or within Canada this tax year, you may qualify to claim your moving expenses. There are several scenarios which enable you to take advantage of this tax break, and the capable CPA’s at Evolution Accounting can investigate all the possibilities for, and with you.

Rental Income

With the support of your invoices, receipts, contracts, and other pertinent documents, we can guide you through the determination of all rental gains and losses, and whether your rentals are simply rental properties, or constitutes a business. We know all the items you can deduct, and our team works enthusiastically to lower your taxes and raise your profitability on your rental ventures.

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